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Meet Mike Carmody, whose expert coaching will guide you through VEE Mathematical Statistics.

Mike Carmody, FSA, MAAA, CFA

VEE Mathematical Statistics Video Instructor
Attained FSA via the QFI Track

I've been teaching actuaries how to pass exams for 20 years, and I've been close friends with Dave Kester for even longer. During my actuarial career, I've worked on everything from indexed annuity designs to investments to unique projects like life insurance policies for oil wells. I also run a company that makes specialized mobile tornado shelters. Much like Dave, I also just like to run. Finance is a huge passion of mine, and I like to bring that out in my video lessons for IFM, VEE, and the CFA exams.

Product Team

Chin Yew Kok, FSA

VEE Product Manager
Attained FSA via the QFI Track

I graduated from Drake University in 2015 with a degree in Actuarial Science/Finance and Mathematics. I love translating complex actuarial concepts into simple language that everyone can understand. Other than that, I also enjoy reading and am a huge fan of video games!

About VEE Mathematical Statistics

What To Expect

Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) is a three-part requirement to obtain your ASA designation from the SOA. VEE credit is obtained through SOA-approved college courses or by SOA-approved online VEE courses like Coaching Actuaries. Each VEE requirement covers a different range of topics. Those requirements are:

If you're on the CAS track to get your ACAS designation, you are only required to get VEE credit for Economics and Accounting & Finance.

Attention: Prior to purchasing, ensure you do not have previous course credits that satisfy SOA requirements for VEE courses. CA has a 3-day money back guarantee refund policy. No refunds will be issued after 3 days.

VEE Overview

  • Exams You Should Pass First

    None. The vast majority of material covered in VEE courses does not overlap with the material in your actuarial exams. However, while you can complete your VEE requirements at any point, you need to have passed any two SOA/CAS actuarial exams before you can apply to have your VEE credit actually added to your records.

  • How Do I Get VEE Credit?

    1. Take a VEE course approved by the SOA.
    2. Earn a final grade of B or above on your VEE course.
    3. Apply for VEE credit on the SOA website.
  • Which VEE Should I Take First?

    You can apply for VEE credit in any order you choose. We recommend fulfilling the Economics, Accounting and Finance requirements first, then Mathematical Statistics because it is more challenging compared to the other VEE courses.

  • VEE Offerings

    VEE is credit you earn at your own pace. Our VEE courses are offered at subscription lengths of 120 days, but you can complete the course at any point within that time frame. The course begins at the date of your purchase. On average, it takes about 30 hours or less to complete our VEE Math Stats course.

During Your VEE Course

  • VEE Final Exams

    VEE Final Exams must be proctored by either a Coaching Actuaries team member remotely (free during our regular proctoring hours) or a proctor of your choice. 

  • Coaching Actuaries Remote Proctoring Service

    If you wish to use Coaching Actuaries free remote proctoring service, note that:

    • We proctor via Zoom. Your computer should have a webcam and microphone, and you will be asked to share your screen.
    • We offer regular proctoring services from 8:30am - 3:00pm Central Time on Mondays - Fridays.

    Email [email protected] at least one week before your desired exam date.

  • Using Your Own Proctor

    If you wish to use your own proctor, note that:

    • The proctor must be an FSA (in good standing). If no FSA is available, other acceptable designations are: FCAS, FCIA, FFA, FIA, FIAA, FSPA, CFA, ASA, ACAS. If no Fellow is available, a high-ranking member of management who is not able to sit for exams, such as an HR manager or a university professor, may also serve. The proctor may not be a relative of the candidate.
    • Your proctor must be physically present while taking the exam. We cannot approve a student-chosen proctor to proctor an exam via a video calling service. 
    • We will need to verify your proctor meets these requirements prior to your exam. Email us at [email protected] when you're ready to schedule your final exam.

After You've Taken a VEE Course

  • Getting Your VEE Credit

    If you have passed at least two actuarial exams and earn a final grade of B or above on your VEE course, you can apply for VEE credit on the SOA website. You can apply electronically or by mail. If you're on the ACAS track, apply for VEE credit on the CAS website.

    If you take a VEE course with Coaching Actuaries, we process final grades and send official transcripts to the SOA and CAS on the 1st and 15th days of each month (or the following business day).

    When your VEE credit is accepted by the SOA, you will get a notification after approximately 6 - 8 weeks confirming that your credit now appears on your SOA transcript.

  • Next Steps

    If you still need to pass any of the preliminary exams (P, FM, FAM, ALTAM, ASTAM, SRM, PA, and ATPA), you will need to do so before you can attain your ASA designation. SOA will have your name on file as a passing candidate and you can apply for credit once you’ve passed two preliminary exams.

Helping Every Step of the Way

Coaching Actuaries VEE Features

Flexible Pace

Study at your own pace, complete your assignments, and take your final exam at any point within our 120-day subscriptions. If you don't pass the course, take the class again for free.

Discussion Forum

Get answers to your questions and exchange study methods with our community of actuarial coaches and students.

Proctoring Services

Eliminate the hassle of finding an final exam proctor by scheduling your exam proctored by a Coaching Actuaries team member. Schedule your final exam two weeks before your desired exam date.

Engaging Video Lessons

Instructor Mike Carmody, FSA, CFA, MAAA explains every course concept with engaging, focused video lessons that are easy to digest.

VEE Mathematical Statistics

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