Code of Conduct

Helping actuaries learn and grow is our passion at Coaching Actuaries. Part of being a successful actuary and upholding the image of the actuarial profession is adhering to the “high standards of conduct, practice, and qualifications of the actuarial profession”.

We hold up the standards established by the SOACAS, and CIA. We encourage a deep reading of these standards. These are not optional guidelines but requirements for practicing actuaries.

Of particular note, we want to highlight these Precepts which apply to behavior and communication to users (herein “students”) on the Coaching Actuaries website and software:

PRECEPT 10. An Actuary shall perform Actuarial Services with courtesy and professional respect and shall cooperate with others in the Principal's interest.

Pursuant of this precept, students should communicate with coaches, support staff, and other students on the Coaching Actuaries forums, e-mail, phone, social media, or any other place of communication media on Coaching Actuaries websites or software with courtesy and professional respect.

PRECEPT 1. An Actuary shall act honestly, with integrity and competence, and in a manner to fulfill the profession's responsibility to the public and to uphold the reputation of the actuarial profession.

Pursuant of this precept, students will act with honest and integrity when interacting with Coaching Actuaries. This includes providing their real name and a working e-mail address on sign-up. This also includes abiding by terms and/or conditions of discounts or special offers.

In accordance to this precept, all students must act with honesty and integrity when a grade or measure of achievement is tied to their usage of the Coaching Actuaries website or software. Students must not cheat, plagiarize, or otherwise misrepresent themselves. This includes, but is not limited to, VEE Courses and Adapt for the classroom.

Also in accordance with this precept, students agree to not share access to their Coaching Actuaries account. Furthermore, students are required to keep private (not share) any materials viewed, downloaded, or otherwise acquired from Coaching Actuaries websites or software or partner websites that require a purchase or subscription to access.

Violation of these standards on the Coaching Actuaries website, in interaction or communication with Coaching Actuaries staff, partners, or subsidiaries, or in communication to other Coaching Actuaries students may result in termination of a Coaching Actuaries account without refund.

Gross violations of this Code of Conduct fall under violations of our Terms of Use policy and may be subject to legal action within the jurisdiction and courts in Polk County, Iowa, U.S.A in accordance with the guidelines in our Terms of Use policy.