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Demonstrate your proficiency in advanced data analytics with support from Coaching Actuaries! Our team is your guide to mastering advanced statistical modeling and data analytics. Count on walking into Exam MAS-II with confidence.

Prepare with Confidence: Build on your achievements

While tackling Exam MAS-II might seem daunting, our proven method can help you turn your aspirations into a reality:

  • Extra engaging actuarial learning

    MAS-II item types will test your skills in new and engaging ways—and might even be fun. From Point-and-Click to Matching, we closely simulate the real testing experience to ensure you feel as prepared and confident as possible.

  • Test yourself with comprehensive resources

    Our MAS-II course features every tool you might need to assess yourself, from objective metrics of your readiness to dynamic quizzes and exams that adapt to your level. Move forward with data-informed insights on where to spend your time.

  • Overcoming obstacles together

    Get unwavering support, whether you’re facing a technical issue or a difficult assignment question. Our community has your back as you prepare for this exam. We’ll help you reach your exam day and keep you moving forward.

Support You Need: Get to know your team of experts

Receive the support you need to succeed from our dedicated coaches. They respond to most queries within 2 business days on our discussion boards.

  • Dave Kester
  • Terence Chow
  • Kong Foo Pang
  • Austin Wallestad
  • Dana Zrust
  • Larry Saw

Aspiring Actuary Testimonials: A word from our students

There’s no better proof than a happy student. After each exam, we follow up to hear about your success and collect your feedback. Your input ensures your experience here is always improving!

The concise and clear video lessons simplified complex concepts, making learning enjoyable. I highly recommend Coaching Actuaries to anyone preparing for actuarial exams.

Satya Sai Sri Charan Passed Exam P, FM, MAS-I and MAS-II

I used CA to study for MAS-II while doubling up on 6U and I got a 9 ... It was everything I needed and more.

Janak MAS-II student

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