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Your actuarial journey continues! Learn fundamental actuarial mathematics, with a focus on life insurance, to pass Exam FAM-L. Our expert coaches, high-quality study materials, and confidence-building assessment tools support your learning in life insurance.

Prepare with Confidence: Embrace new challenges

While tackling Exam FAM-L might seem daunting, our proven method can help you turn your aspirations into a reality:

  • Your comprehensive toolkit.

    Strengthen your foundation of knowledge with Coaching Actuaries. Our platform features everything you need, from manuals and video guides to review materials and prerequisites. Access your one-stop shop to pass Exam FAM-L.

  • Short-term effort, long-term benefit.

    Our expertly crafted content ensures seamless learning from your first reading to your final exam. Count on our coaches to guide you through and make Exam FAM-L one more confident step toward your certification.

  • Overcoming obstacles together

    Get unwavering support, whether you’re facing a technical issue or a difficult assignment question. Our community has your back as you prepare for this exam. We’ll help you reach your exam day and keep you moving forward.

Support You Need: Get to know your team of experts

Receive the support you need to succeed from our dedicated coaches. They respond to most queries within 2 business days on our discussion boards.

  • Dave Kester
  • Tong Teh
  • Jia Bin Ho
  • Shi Yi Wong
  • Derek Koster
  • Jameson Gaertner

Aspiring Actuary Testimonials: A word from our students

There’s no better proof than a happy student. After each exam, we follow up to hear about your success and collect your feedback. Your input ensures your experience here is always improving!

It was very helpful to have video instruction and discussion posts for questions that weren't covered in explanations. Having in-depth solutions to the SOA-posted questions was also very beneficial.

Erich Exam FAM student

The clear explanations of the material and the large question bank allowed me to feel like I had a handle on the concepts and the question possibilities so I wasn't surprised by anything on the exam.

Emily Exam FAM student

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